Puppy Update

Well I survived…sort of…. but all my females have been bred. We should have puppies soon! But with that announcement, I have come to the decision that my cute little Ollie needs a new home. He is so sweet and cute but his daddy is just too domineering and he is too passive, it would be better for him to go to a home that is looking for a little puppy to love. He is my smallest at around 8 lbs and he has been neutered. Please get a hold of me if you are interested.


It Is Time!!!

Baby Sasha is in heat! We will be breeding her with Thor, our little brown nosed stud. Hopefully, we can get some cute brown nosed babies. Sasha is about 8 lbs and Thor is 12lbs. Follow us on facebook for more pictures and updates! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604605079581801/


Future Batches!!!

Ok we finally have things figured out for this year and we will be having a total of 4 batches of puppies. I KNOW!!!! I must be crazy. First up will be our AKC registered Princess Sasha here in a few weeks with our Thor. I put their pictures below so you can imagine what cute babies they will make. Then Jane with Bear, Paisley with Bear, and Baby Sasha with Thor this fall.

Princess Sasha is actually the baby princess puppy from Belle’s first batch.

New Puppies?

So I have had a a few people ask me when I will be having another batch of puppies. Well, I just had hip surgery and so we wont be having puppies in time for Christmas this year.  But the good news is that I will be breeding next spring with one of Jane’s female puppies and with one of Belle’s female puppies from last year’s batches. These little princesses are so cute.Both of the soon to be mother’s are called Sasha, but we distinguish them by calling them Princess Sasha and Baby Sasha.  Princess went to my mother’s house for a while which is how we have two dogs with the same name. Baby is the brown puppy and Princess is the white puppy. I will upload a picture of Princess as soon as I can find a good one :).