A Few Quick Updates

What a crazy summer it has been. I have seen so many miracles and acts of kindness through all craziness of this world. Regardless of our political and social beliefs, we are all intelligent human beings deserving of respect, support,  and understanding. Through the trials that my family has had to go through this summer, I am amazed at how people can put aside differences and come to our help when we need it. The support and love I have from our Shih Tzus in the Meadow family has been a great blessing to me.

Ok on to happier news.

All the puppies from our last two batches have been sold. I decided to spay our Sasha momma and keep one of her little girls in my Kennel. This past pregnancy wasn’t an easy one on her and I would rather spay her then risk her health.

So introducing Willow as a future mommy in our family. She is an adorable chocolate brown/red/tan combo. But she has the cutest little brown nose and face. Normally my livers will have a light face and the ones with a dark mask have a black nose so this is pretty exciting. She is a rambunctious little thing.  I will hopefully be getting updated pictures of our puppy family soon.

I also finally got my Princess Palace built. Its pretty much just a kennel for my girl doggies. My boys have their own which we call the Bachelor Pad. My little granddaughter thinks its a new play house for her. I am so grateful to my son in law and husband for working on building this for me. It is much needed and appreciated

And last but not least, I am expecting a batch of puppies here in the next 2 weeks! I know!!! Its crazy, but we are going to have beautiful AKC puppies from Willey and Red Rosie. I am so excited so if you are interested in buying a puppy please read through our page on reserving/buying a puppy and then get in contact with us.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for pictures!

Stay Safe